Assisted Reproductive Technology, The Beginners Guide

Assisted Reproductive Technology, The Beginners Guide

For some, babies are made the old fashioned way. But for others, our bodies require clinical interventions, medical technologies and fertility treatments as a pathway to pregnancy.
With access to fertility stimulants, assisted insemination and complementary holistic treatments, pregnancy may feel more achievable now than ever before.
While Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) isn’t enough for everyone to achieve pregnancy, for some- these treatments open a door of possibility. 

"Infertility is not an inconvenience; it is a disease of the reproductive system that impairs the body's ability to perform the basic function of reproduction"

ART treatments are stand alone routes to pregnancy. But it’s useful to consider including additional health support here too. A holistic approach, including developing tailored plans with a Naturopath, Nutritionist or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner alongside ART can improve maternal health, and ultimately better support your clinical treatment. Implementing these practises can improve the chances of healthy egg and sperm development, increasing the odds of conception and a successful pregnancy too.

To ensure you're aware of the basics when coordinating your health appointments, be sure to catch up on: 

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