Village of Support Series. Rose Anna Jan-Gee Louey

Village of Support Series. Rose Anna Jan-Gee Louey

Rose: I’m 34 years old, of Chinese/ Danish descent and a single mother to three- Margot, and identical twins Paris and Jules.
We live in Euro Yuroke// the punk part of St Kilda West, Melbourne in an iconic Cinderella apartment.

“My village of reproductive health support has always been my mother, my herbalist and naturopath Elyane Brightlight (AKA as my spiritual granny who lives in rural NSW), my chiropractor of 14 years Leigh; and the market health food store for chocolate supplies.”

Reflecting on her reproductive health experience, Rose notes it was “Tailored, attentive, generous”.

moode: How was the village there for you when you needed it most?
Rose: A lot was troubling to me in my twin pregnancy. It was high risk and this had a major affect on my emotional wellbeing and physicality. I was given herbal tonics, ayurvedic food plans and adjustments that were tailored to help my skin reactions specifically; and my ability to move without pain after 30 weeks.

Unspecific to reproductive support but essential in maintaining high spirits; I acknowledge women in my ears from my beloved podcasts, and my proximity to the water for relief.


moode: What’s your wish for others looking down the barrel of their own fertility story?

Rose: For those trying to conceive- I think this is a very inwards and private struggle. There are just the most wonderful resources in novel form and podcasts that bring us into a space where we feel part of something bigger. I also believe that we can look too far into instructive resources to tell us what to expect. Sometimes, I believe that after all I have been through- my inner voice knew all along what was best for us.

moode: Can you share 3 ‘must haves’ that helped get you through it all
Bone broth for the nerves and for the milk,
Giant bamboo underpants,
Vego chocolate bars

Imagery credit: Stephanie Cammarano for Before March store, Ilsa Wynne- Hoelscher Kidd for Hara the label, Lewis Charles Mitchell.

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