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Women’s health has taken a backseat for too long, and we’re ready for the change. moode’s an unapologetic new voice in fertility health, inspired by our moody moments. So if you’re planning, pregnant or straight-up struggling to conceive, you’ve landed in the right place.

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Meet the Founder

moode is the brainchild of Jess Rosenberg – founder, mother, social worker and maternal health advocate. Noticing fertility was feeling very one-dimensional, she decided to challenge it by offering an inclusive and honest insight to the reproductive health conversation. Returning to studies at Southern School of Natural Therapies, she spent almost 2 years researching, formulating and crafting moode’s first vitamins- The Prenatal by moode, testing out all products on herself while pregnant with her third baby.

Health experts
and contributors:

Dr Kara Thompson
Specialist OBGYN.
Mum to 3
@drkarathompson &

Essential to my work is high quality, respectful and evidence based pregnancy and birth care. I’m also a Clinical Lecturer and co-founder of the podcast Pregnancy Uncut- sharing real stories of complex pregnancies, loss, or births that have not gone to plan.

Kelly Benton
Pregnancy Nutritionist.
Mum to 2

Following my own tumultuous postpartum period, I was inspired to help women nourish themselves and their babies, so they can spend less time worrying about their health and more time enjoying the moments that matter.

Vaughne Geary
Naturopath and Doula
@vaughne.geary &

From preconception to birth and into the postpartum – nothing brings me more satisfaction than delicious and nutritious home cooking and holding space for women, birthing people and families to witness their own strength and power on their journey to parenthood.

Monique Cormack
Fertility and IVF Nutritionist
Mum to 3

In response to a difficult fertility journey of my own, I established my nutrition clinic to help others to conceive, and have healthy pregnancies. I specialise in preconception, IVF & pregnancy care.

Gemma Smith
Master of Social Work
Mum to 2

Providing perinatal counselling and doula support services, I’m passionate about optimising perinatal mental health. I blend humour, academic theory, professional and lived experience to ensure all challenges are normalised.